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Hi my name is Sam Smith and I have been playing Golf since I was 9 years old. My Golfing Journey all started when my Dad took me to the Pitch and Putt “Wee Course” at the famous Gleneagles whilst on holiday in Scotland. I was then brought a set of Golf Clubs that Christmas and ever since then I was hooked!

I have always had a passion for Golf and ever since leaving School I always wanted to pursue a career in the sport.

From my very first job at Horsley Lodge Golf Club and then American Golf, I always had an interest in Club Repairs and Custom Fitting and what started out as a hobby soon turned into Golf Repairs 4U! With not having many people locally to do club repairs or someone who dealt specifically in Golf Components I believed there was a gap in the market to combine the two together. I decided to go full time in Summer 2021 and since then the business has grown from strength to strength.

In Summer 2022 I decided that I was going to open my very own Fitting Studio to further expand my business. I was to take the knowledge I had in Custom Fitting and Golf Components to bring something very unique to the Golfing Industry! Currently Focusing Solely on Shaft Fittings, Loft & Lie Checks and Data sessions it is something which I feel will appeal to a lot of golfers who really want to fine tune there game 

and play to the best of there abilities! After much hard work the Fitting Studio opened early 2023 and is equipped with Foresight GC2 with HMT Launch Monitor and FSX Software so we can show you the real difference a Golf Fitting 4U can do for your game!

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